AJ Laser 230z 73 Electric

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AJ Laser 230z 73 Electric

I was in the market for a sport/3D plane after flying a 40 size Kaos and exhausting the flight envelope of my trainers. When I first saw a review for the AJ Laser 230z in Model Aviation it really caught my eye. I watched a number of videos on YouTube and I really liked the way it flew!

This really is a plane you can fly in full 3D mode or as a gentle sport flyer.  I do prefer the more “pattern” style of flying than 3D but this plane can really do both!

I placed my order for the 73″ inch version and received it 2 days later!  Fast shipping to say the least!  It came extremely well packaged and nothing was damaged at all. The covering was virtually wrinkle free. All hardware that was needed for either glow/gas or electric setup was included.

The manual is fully illustrated and should be a fairly straight forward assembly for anybody who has assembled an ARF before.  I took my time during the build process; all in all I had about 15 hours into it to get it flight ready. I did not use their recommend electric motor, so this undoubtedly added to the assembly time as I had to fashion an additional spacer out of 1/4 inch ply wood to accommodate the Firepower 1.60 I wanted to use.

The hinge slots came pre-cut and everything was a very precise fit.

For initial setup I used their recommended expo settings but reduced my control throws by nearly half as I wanted a very docile maiden flight. Setting things up at home as precisely as you can goes a long way in ensuring a successful maiden flight.  This includes making sure ailerons are a level as they can be with the wing at mid stick and even deflection on either side.  I measured the control throws in degrees using a pitch gauge I use for helicopter setups. Also take measurements and re-measurements to ensure that your horizontal stabilizer is square to the wing as much as possible.

I did the maiden flight in early April of 2015.  10 seconds into the flight I had a huge smile on my face!  The plane just flies so smoothly it’s almost unbelievable!  Just a few clicks of right aileron was all it needed to achieve perfectly straight flight!

This plane is one of the easiest planes I have in my fleet to land.  It literally just floats down and tip stalls are essentially a non issue! Customer service is also top notch with AJ Aircraft!

This is truly a home run from AJ Aircraft!  I highly recommend it!

Here is a great review video of (one of many on YouTube)

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