Sig J-3 Cub 1/4 Scale Build Multi Part Series

With the winter now approaching and the flying season winding down as the evening light begins to fade earlier each evening; it can only mean the building season is just getting started! It seems nearly everyone in my local flying club has a Piper J-3 Cub, and after seeing a number of them at our local “Water and Wheels Fun Fly” this year I decided I needed to build one over the winter season.

After a bit of research, I chose to build the Sig 1/4 Scale Cub Kit as I have always been pleased with the quality components they provide in their kits.

Stay tuned to this page as it will be a multi-part series as the build progresses. The goal is to make this series quite detailed as to help others who also may be interested in building a Scale J-3 Cub model!


Planned components and modifications for this build:

  • DLE or RCGF 40cc Twin Gas Engine
  • Sig 1/4 Scale Floats
  • Add a carbon fiber or aluminum wing tube
  • Making wing center section removable to easy access to electronics
  • Wing landing lights



Supplemental Materials
Since the Formers F8 – F13 are not all shown on the plans I’ve included a PDF with the templates for download below.  These are the rear formers that go along the rear of the truss fuselage.  While these are specific to the Sig 1/4 Scale cub, they can be scaled up for down as needed for use in your cub project.

Sig J-3 Cub Rear Former Templates F8 – F13

Drilling a propeller for a DLE engine


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